About Us

Our Mission

Shared Communications helps organizations find and implement the telecom and data networking solutions that work best for them. We customize our approach to fit our customers' business needs and partner with vendors who can provide best-in-breed solutions. Most of our services are free to you, since we get paid by your vendors as part of their service team. All of our solutions are meant to pay for themselves either through cost savings or through improved sales and profitability.

We can assist you in five main areas:

  • Carrier Services Purchasing
  • Telecom Expense Optimization and Management
  • Phone System Design and Equipment Sales
  • Data Networking Design and Equipment Sales
  • Custom Technology Integration and Programming Services

Our Customer-centered Process

Our basic approach is rooted in best practices for business process improvement, including Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and various Quality Improvement methodologies.

  • We work with you to analyze your business needs, including your market opportunities,
  • We help you define processes, people, and tools that will help your business grow in an economically feasible way,
  • We manage the process of selecting and working with solution providers who can best help you make the business changes you need.

Our Value Proposition

Working with Shared Communications to find and implement your telecom solutions will be the easiest, safest, and most cost-effective decision you could ever make. Here is why we think you need us:

  1. For most of our services, you don't have to pay us a dime.
  2. You save money on the process of selecting vendors that will be best suited to help you. We streamline the purchasing process so you can save time. We are experienced with the products and services of many telecom vendors and know which products will work best for your situation.
  3. You will save money because we can help negotiate with the vendors you choose. With our experience, we know what a fair price looks like, and we know how you can save more money than you knew was possible.
  4. We don't approach you with a product and ask you to buy it. Instead, we start with your needs and then shop for a solution. Because of this approach you won't be working with someone who is trying to fit your company into the wrong-sized solution. You'll reduce risk, and save time and money as a result.
  5. You will save money and increase profitability, because Shared Communications will help you implement the technology solutions you choose. We stay on the job until your company has adopted the new technology. Since these solutions will be integrated into the way you do business, you won't be wasting your IT dollars on solutions that look good before the sale but never get used much. We help you change your processes, train your people, and assist your organization to change gracefully and efficiently.
  6. Your investment in your solutions is safe because we stay connected with you after the implementation. Most of our solution vendors pay us a monthly fee to serve as a member of their service team. Being integrated with the solution provider means that the proper communications can easily flow back and forth. When problems arise down the road, we facilitate their resolution. When you are ready for the next stage of improvement, we are already familiar with your needs and can help navigate the way to the next steps for improving your business.
  7. You get better solutions by working through us because we represent so many solution providers. When you approach these vendors individually, their direct sales reps will typically only be able to address their own products and services. Since they can only sell what they have, they'll try to sell you their solutions even if they aren't a good fit or are incomplete. Shared Communications can integrate the best solutions across many vendors, so you will always have multiple choices for accomplishing your goals. We do the leg work to provide you with these solutions, so you don't have to.

We hope you see the value that we provide. Please contact us today to get your project started.